Friday, February 8, 2008

CAIA Test Successful -SL handles smoothly

I am happy to report that we have successfully uploaded 4x96 images from our styryl library dataset onto the CAIA visualization facility at ACS island in Second Life. The visualization went really well. Each image is an 8 bit black and white, 512 x 512 jpg. One is able to navigate through the images very smoothly, from my lap top computer. I am running a Dell Precision M90. Intel(r) CoreTM 2 Duo Processor T7600 (2.33GHz/667MHz/4MB) with 4GB memory. The images were displayed at full resolution and there were absolutely no glitches. Avatar navigation and camera functions were very smooth and seamless. I was later joined by my grad students CellPK Alter, CaiaLanz Alter, Kaisla Harbour, and Graziella Shostakovich, (Xinyuan, Nan, Marijo, Lilly). Diomedez Delpiaz (Prof. Juan Hinestroza) stopped by as well. It was really a lot of fun to see this running as I have been thinking about doing this for five or so years now. I must say that this really topped the Miner3D visualization software. We celebrated with virtual Bloody Mary's (which Nan and Xinyuan refused...even though the Bloody Mary's were non-alcoholic... ) with Diomedez skating around in the lab for a bit.

Sadly, from my lab's Dell quadscreen workstation, the results was not as good: when I got into the CAIA, the quadscreen practically froze. My quadscreen workstation runs the same processors and memory as my lap top, with the four 24inch LCDs powered by 2 NVidia graphics card. Marijo, one of my grad students was able to enter ACS island and navigate through the CAIA with her iBook computer no problem, so the problem was with the quadscreen and not with SL. My quadscreen is operating with Windows XP, so perhaps the problem is that I am not able to make use of the full memory and processor capabilities? My goal is to try SL on Windows Vista by the end of February, and see whether I can get any improvement in performance from the quadscreens.

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Jingyu said...

From what I know, VISTA system often slows down the computer a lot, it will be a good system,but not now.

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