Monday, March 17, 2008

DataViz Presentation at Life2.0 Conference

The DataViz panelists, up close.

Visiting the Dataviz site at Scilands, after the panel discussion.

The Life2.0 auditorium filled to capacity, with the best crowd in the world.

Today was quite a remarkable day. I attended a talk by Mitch Kapor (the originator of Lotus 123 and one of the pioneers of the PC revolution). I met with 3 student debate groups from my pharmaceutics class. I had lab meeting with my graduate students. I hundreds of emails. But the most important part of the day came at 5pm, when I participated in my first Second Life conference as a speaker in a panel discussion, invited by Melanie Swan (Xantha Oe, SL). This was at the Life2.0 conference. The conference program was outstanding. Mitch Kapor (KMitch Linden, SL) who is now Chairman of Research at Linden Labs gave the opening talk a few hours earlier, which got me really excited to begin with. But, the most important thing was that the panel discussion was a great success. For one, the auditorium was pretty much filled to capacity. The slides projected really well on the screen and there was little lag. Most importantly, the talks were excellent. Each presentation was only ten minutes long, but each one of us panelists had packed it full of information. And, the information covered a huge variety of Data Viz applications. Melanie did a really great job with the organization. She has posted the presentations for everyone to see. Here they are:

By far, this is one of the best conferences I have ever participated in. Not only was the quality of the presentations excellent. It was a tremendous learning experience for me. And, as soon as the conference was over, we visited the data vizualization sites at Scilands, and then Melanie took everyone to see the CAIA-ACS lab for themselves. I stepped out early, because I had other RL things to do. But at the end of the day, I was able to go home and relax....looking back, all I can say is "Wow!". Melanie, thank you for this incredible experience. I am looking forward for my next conference in SL.

Here is a Flickr slide show of the presentions.


Jason said...

It was really awesome. But for the slideshow and presenting part, I think you were one of those few who didn't experiencing the lag. Others were keep saying "next slide please" and waiting on few seconds, slides passing back and forth...
Anyways, I could feel at my skin the attention drawn to you and to our research!!!

Jingyu said...

Cool stuff! I didn't get chance to participate this conference.But it will be more like comics in my laptop~. And I click the presentation slide link,they are actually photos/sceenshots. The ppt are not enough clear to see the content.

Gus Rosania said...

The audio and video transcripts of the presentations should be posted soon at the conference web site... you can ask the conference organizers for when the transcripts will be posted. I checked, and right now only the video/audio of the Fall Life2.0 conference are available:

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