Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Pharmaceutical Sciences Flyer Artwork from Second Life

My fourth attempt at a PharmSci department flyer photo from SL.
(unanimouosly REJECTED because the colors were inappropriate).

The official photo for the 2008 PharmSci department flyer.

I am pleased to report that the faculty of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences approved a photo from Second Life for its official flyer! This was not easy, by any means. It actually took me five different tries over a period of a month. For the first three tries, the Second Life photo and composition was rejected after much back-and-forth discussion and argument between me and the rest of the faculty: "Colors are too bright", "The composition is too complex", "It takes too much time to figure out what is going on in this photo", "The objects do not look clear to me", "This represents you , not the department", etc. etc. But I was determined. On the third try, the biggest criticism was that the colors were still too bright. So, I emailed the faculty and told them I was going to make the colors really, really, dull. I proceeded to make the objects green and white --the colors of Michigan State, our biggest football rivals. Immediately after I emailed them the Michigan State version. I hear back from them...." the students will not like these colors" So, I immediately reworked the colors to Maize and Blue, and emailed them the photo with a text message saying "GO BLUE!"....sure enough, the photo was finally approved!


Jason said...

Nice work Dr. Rosania~!!! :)

Jason said...

Nice work, Dr. Rosania!! :)

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