Monday, January 21, 2008

A fractal solution to repetitive tasks

In SL, certain tasks can be quite repetitive such as loading a chromatography column with particles. The other day, I found a fractal solution to this loading problem: one makes one object, puts a copy in one's inventory. Then one takes the object from one's inventory, places is next to the first object, links it to the first object, and then makes a copy of the pair of linked objects in ones inventory. By iterating these steps, the mass of the object one is building increases exponentially. One can actually make very large, beautiful fractal structures in a few steps. To demonstrate this, I built a complex triangular pyramidal fractal composed of hexahedral subunits, which I then painted red and scaled to giant proportions and placed it on top of my lab for everyone to enjoy (and to direct the most curious ones to the behemoth SHRO institute inside the gigantic green block up, in the clouds...).

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